Modern world grows dynamically by virtue of emerging digital conversions and significant acceleration of cyber ecosystems development. Ukraine takes active part in this at the state and business levels understanding that it is the guarantee of inclusion of our country into advanced Euro-Atlantic space, economy 4.0, Internet of things universe.
According to the European best practices even great efforts from government and activities from business are not enough for full implementation of the objective. Only active participation of the public in global processes of digital conversions opens the opportunity of informal practical conversation of business and government, makes government efforts successful and corresponding business activities effective.
CyberArk Public Union Mission
Is in creation of location site for comfortable conversation of business and government, considering public opinion during development of modern digital ecosystems, establishment of national system of cyber education for all levels, support in organization of research and expert assessment system on cyber audit and certification for full range of activities in cyberspace etc.
At the same time fast development of cybernetic systems has a reverse side - some specific types of irregularities and disorders of government institutions, company businesses and people's life are distributed in cyberspace, that represent emergency situations of different levels, and new types of criminal and fraud activities that require the implementation of cybersecurity and cyberprotection, new response mechanisms, and improvement of stability of computer systems and networks.

Such modern challenges require concentration of forces of the whole society, close interaction and cooperation of the state, business and public.

Public Union Objective
Providing the state, business and public with the opportunity not only to have the site for communication, but also to implement practical interaction and cooperation that should result in rapid advance by evolution path of reforms to digital economy and global cyberspace.
Our purpose
Assistance in development and deployment of software and hardware
Assistance in development and deployment of software and hardware

information security and cybersecurity tools, that increase information system and state information resources security level.

Participation in implementation of conditions and ensuring secure cyberspace operations, it's usage in the interest of individual, society and the state.

Participation in implementation of conditions
and ensuring secure cyberspace operations, it's usage in the interest of individual, society and the state.
Popularization and implementation of best international practices
in cybersecurity area to use them in every field of society activities.
Participation in establishment of comprehensive system of teaching and learning process
and increase of knowledge level for cybersecurity and cyberprotection on the basis of educational institutions of Ukraine
Development and providing government authorities of Ukraine with proposition
to improve developed and create new legal framework on cybersecurity and cyberprotection in Ukraine.
Harmonization of international and industry standards
of regulatory documents on cybersecurity with requirements of legal and regulatory framework of Ukraine.
Areas of activities:
Pursuance of research
and promotion of creation and time efficient adaptation of state policy for cybersecurity directed at cyberspace protection, compliance with appropriate EC and NATO standards
Advisory participation
in creation of national legal and regulatory framework on cybersecurity, harmonization of regulatory documents on information telecommunication systems, information security, cybersecurity according to international and EC and NATO standards

Participation in establishment
of competitive landscape for information telecommunication systems, provision of services on information security and cyberprotection
Development of technologies for cybersecurity
of telecommunication tools, provision of hardware, content, application and telecommunication services security
Implementation of measures to increase digital literacy
of the citizens of Ukraine for the safe behavior culture in cyberspace, comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities essential to support cybersecurity goals, implementation of state and public projects to raise society awareness level for cyberthreats and cybersecurity
Development of educational materials
to perform cyberspace incident training
Submit the offer on development and improvement
of information security state control system, and information security independent audit system, implementation of best practices and international standards for cybersecurity and cyberprotection issues
Participation in development
of information telecommunication systems infrastructure including broadband access to Internet, digital and interactive television
Participation in development
of computer emergency event response teams network
Participation in establishment of cyberthreats
early detection, prevention and manageability system including involvement of voluntary service organizations
Creation of conditions for implementation
of modern cyberprotection technologies in Ukraine
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